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Purple passionfruit is a small, oval to round...
They have a thin, cylindrical shape with plump...
Oval to round shaped fruit. The fruits that have...
long and bright green skin pods. They are crunchy...


Our story

Fresh Delight was founded in 2002 with the vision of getting the end consumer to the grower. Our purpose is to connect the dots between the grower and your table. We ensure the processes from the farmland directly to you. In order to comply with this objective, we have strategic partners in the best locations.

Colombia is one of the most privileged countries in the world for its biodiversity, microclimates and agricultural technology. Caribbean Exotics, our partner located in Rio Negro, Colombia, offers a large range of produce as fresh exotic tropical fruits, such as Physalis, Passion fruit, granadilla, tamarillos, pitahaya and others.

They have 34 year of experience of exporting fresh produce around the world. On the other side, Unispice with more than 29 years of experience offer fresh vegetables. They supply the most demanding markets on the world, including Europe, United States, Canada, Japan and others. Each company has a product traceability from their farms to the final customer.

Their processes and facilities are periodically audited and verified by worldwide certifications as Global GAP, BRC Food, Fair Trade, Global GAP Grasp, SMETA, and others. Social Responsibility and sustainability are promoted by different programs in both companies. These programs have contributed to the development for the communities and families that interact with us.




Continuous improvement

Fresh Delight and its partners are committed with continuous improvement. Therefore, all our processes are periodically audited and verified though the following worldwide certifications:



More than 250HA of land certified by worldwide certifications guarantee not only the non-residuality of all our products, but a competitive advantage regarding other suppliers. We ensure meeting the most rigorous requirements of all our customers in different markets.

Value added

The packaging for each product is selected according to the distance, customer requirements, ecological impact, time of travel, type of transportation, properties of the product, temperature and airflow required. Various tests are made in order to determine the optimal packaging which offers the required shelf life of the product.

The bags and cartons of our vegetables are 100% recyclable. The bags are a unique technology developed specifically for each product. They are microwave safe and BPA free, adding a differentiation element for our retail presentations creating a ready to eat product.

In a fast-changing world, it is key to be adaptable. We are as versatile as the market and our customers require. Searching new advances, adjust to new trends and move one step ahead to be on front of change.


Social Responsability


Exotic fruit packing plant

Bogota and Medellin, the two main cities of Colombia, process and pack our fruits to be shipped in the shortest time possible thanks to innovative processes.

Vegetable packing plant

All processes are verified and audited by worldwide certifications. Packing plants are located in optimal locations in order to garantee efficient processes and the best quality for a better shelf life.

Exotic fruit farms

All processes are audited by the farmes programs in order to ensure best agricultural practices and productivity.

Vegetable farms

More than 250HA of certified farmland located in strategic points in Guatemala.